The Joint Implementation Supervisory Committee (JISC), under the authority and guidance of the CMP, inter alia, supervises the verification of emission reduction units (ERUs) generated by JI projects following the verification procedure under the JISC. The Committee is composed of 10 members, including three from the EITs, three from Annex I Parties that are not EITs, three from non-Annex I Parties and one from the SIDS.

Rules of procedure of the JISC

The rules of procedure for the JISC were first established by the CMP at its first meeting, and draft rules were elaborated by the JISC at its first meeting in accordance with the CMP's request (JISC 1, Annex 1).  The JISC's draft rules of procedure were applied provisionally until they were adopted by the CMP at its second meeting (2/CMP.2, paragraph 1).

Role of the JISC (

The functions of the JISC include the following:

  • Accrediting independent entities and periodically reviewing the standards and procedures for accreditation;
  • Periodically reviewing and revising as necessary the guidelines and criteria for baseline setting and monitoring;
  • Developing the project design documents (PDDs) for JI projects;
  • Carrying out reviews of determination and verification as required;
  • Developing any additional rules of procedure that may be required; and
  • Reporting to the COP/MOP on its activities.

The full list of the functions of the JISC is set out in 9/CMP.1, Annex, paragraph 3.


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