The CDM Executive Board supervises the CDM under the Kyoto Protocol. It undertakes a variety of tasks relating to the day-to-day operation of the CDM, including the accreditation of operational entities. The board is made up of 10 members, including one from each of the five United Nations regional groups, one from the SIDS, and two members each from Annex I and non-Annex I Parties. Only representatives from countries that have become Parties to the Kyoto Protocol are eligible to serve.

Rules of Procedure of the CDM Executive Board
The annex on modalities and procedures of a CDM contains rules of procedure for the Executive Board (Elements of Section C  Decision 3/CMP.1) At its first session, the CMP.1 adopted the ‘Marrakech Accords’ as well as all draft decisions recommended by the COP since the “Prompt start of the CDM” in 2001, which included Rules of procedure of the Executive Board.

Decisions and Documents
Decisions of the CDM EB are hierarchical in nature and are published in the reports and report annexes of the CDM EB. Taking into account both the rule-making and rule-enforcing roles of the CDM EB, decisions of the Board can be divided into three main classes:

1.      Decisions of an operational nature relating to the functioning of the regulatory body

2.      Decisions of a regulatory nature relating to the supervision of the CDM in implementing its modalities and procedures throughout the project activity cycle

3.      Rulings relating to the observance of the modalities and procedures by the project participants and/or operational entities.

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